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A Japanese refined variety of real beauty. This fish has attracted some significant interest over the last few years. It’s incredible flowing over under tail is truly a thing to be admired makes this variety highly prized. The short-rounded body and curvaceous tail shape looks incredible when viewed from above or the side. As it is a Japanese Variety like their Top View Ranchu the Tosakin in Japan are kept enabling hobbyists and breeders alike to be viewed from above. However in Europe and the UK many people keep this variety in Aquariums, and they show their gracefulness equally from the side in my opinion.

Over the years much has been said and written about what water depth they should be kept in, the ideal supposedly being around 25cm. I have tested this variety at various depths and whilst I would not recommend a very deep Aquarium for these particularly variety I think “ Normal” Depth Aquariums generally will not hinder their body and tail development.


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