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An explanation of the different grades of fish we offer



The Standard Grade fish are generally non selected fish; they are basically sold as they are so to speak. So the fish will be of a reasonable standard but they are not selected for type tested finnage definition and body shape. They are however no different in health status to the Better or High Quality fish. You can expect a healthy fish of reasonable quality for the price on this grade.



Even on the younger size fish the definition of characteristics will be better on this grade over the standard grade. These fish are selected for finnage and body shape and amongst this grade of  fish there is a greater potential for the fish to achieve a much better overall standard. You can expect fish with more potential and be more defined in terms of make up to the variety ordered.



You can expect a fish of high quality. Even the younger fish will have everything in place if not yet fully developed, with good definition on finnage and body shape. Older fish will have the characteristics of their Type/Breed and will already be very good examples of their variety.  They will certainly have the wow factor for customers wanting this type of fish.



Most of the time our stock at any given point runs into many thousands of fish. We are unfortunately unable to offer individual pictures on any Standard Grade fish. For the Better Grade and High Grade Fish we can offer this facility on fish sizes 3-4”,4-5”,5-6” and above. We are also happy to make a viewing appointment or you could attend one of our Open Days to select the fish in person. At our facility for viewing appointments and Open Days fish of Better grade, High Grade and Show Grade will be available and there will be no Standard fish for sale at viewing appointments or open days, The Standard Grade fish are basically sold via our Website with no personal selection available on these fish.


Customers Wishing To Collect Fish Travelling From Europe

Anyone wishing to collect fish from us travelling from Europe will be required to give us at least 10 days advance notice when you would like to visit, as there will be generally Government Documentation required for you to be able to take your fish back. The UK Authorities will require this amount of notice to arrange the necessary paperwork.


How Our Fish Are Measured

We measure our fish from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, so in real terms quite often the fish do actually look smaller than the size ordered as the tail often represents a large part of the measurement.




Although we are known for selling many famous high grade fish the fact is a very big part of our business is selling normal nice quality Fancy Goldfish. We strive every year to improve the quality of our bloodlines and we continue to work closely with many breeders from all around the World including the UK to try and achieve this. What I would say is PLEASE don’t expect too much from the fish, especially if you're ordering standard grade fish. Regardless of grade ordered the smaller sizes will generally be young fish; as such most of their development and potential lies ahead. As with most animals, how they look at a few months old is not how they look as they reach maturity, although it should be said with the Better and High Grade fish their characteristics tend to bit more prevalent even on the young fish as this is basically why they are more expensive.


All our fish go through the same quarantine and protocol procedures before being offered for sale to our Customers. The period of time the fish remain in quarantine is judged by the well being of the fish, this being monitored by us on a daily basis. We implement very strict Bio - Security measures in accordance with our DEFRA regulations and guidelines so it is very important that any fish purchased by our Customers is carefully selected and chosen as on no account are we able to have any of our Fish returned once they have left our facility. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule as this would be in direct conflict with our Bio – Security measures in place.

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