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Show Grade - Rare Breed - Rare Colour

These fish are the very highest quality and are generally sold on an individual basis. The fish are the best of what we have to offer and generally some of the most sought after fish in the World. We will offer details on our Website of some of our Show Grade Fish, Rare Breed Fish and Rare Colour Fish we have in stock. If there is something else you may be looking for but is not being shown on the website please let us know what you may be looking for and if we do not have the fish I am sure we can locate it for you with our pan World infa-structure.

Salti Ranchu

These very high quality young Ranchu are certainly out of the top draw. Certainly out of the top draw in terms of quality and shape and although only babies this bloodline are displaying fantastic characteristics already. There are two main colours in this metallic base fish line, Red and Red+White and although we cannot provide individual pictures of the fish when ordering please specify if you have a preference in colour, if not we will send you a nice fish. Real quality little fishes and if you look at the start of the Video there is a 50p against the front glass to give you an idea of the size, this until one little fishy takes the 50p out!!

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Peacock Half Moon Oranda

These young Adults are a decent size not often seen at this size in the UK. If you look at the tails and body shape you can see the potential with lots more development to come. Stunning colours to match incredible finnage and with only a small amount of these fish available we would like to offer the fish for a limited time.


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Newai Oranda

Appache / Panda and Tri colour Oranda


If you have a look at the video you will see the excellent colours and patterns that have been achieved from the Newai Bloodline. As mentioned there are three main colours, Appache Red+Black Oranda, Panda Oranda and Tri Colour Oranda.

A new bloodline to us this year and we are very pleased to be able to offer these fish for sale. Colours that look like they have just been airbrushed, very sharp and clean patterns. With out doubt some of the best Oranda available anywhere in Europe.

There are two main sizes and also some rare Unique Fish, some examples of these Unique fish are displayed in the bowl at the end of the video. The main difference with these Unique fish are that they often have individual characteristics which makes them a little different.

Although we are unable to offer photos of individual fish you may specify the type of Oranda you wish to purchase.


Limited stock available on all the sizes and lines.

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Rare and Unique Yellow and Black Pearlscale and Yellow Pearlscale

For the first time ever we have been able to offer these baby fish for sale, the colour of the fish makes them very sort after indeed. Size of the can be judged alongside the 50p pieces placed in display bowls. They are absolutely brimming with health, eating incredibly well and stunning to look at in the flesh. Yellow is a base colour rarely seen in any Fancy Goldfish.

Please see our promotional offer price. We cannot provide individual pictures of the fish but You can stipulate on the order if you require Yellow and Black or just a Yellow Pearlscale on the order. Take advantage of these incredibly rare baby fish.


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The famous Jinchu Kai Japanese Line Ranchu. Very strong little fish and currently at this size feeding on good quality Flake Food and crushed Tetra Goldfish Gold Growth floating pellet, see website for this pellet food if required. Fish Size from ½” to ¾”. They are sold as they come in regard to size.

For the first time ever we are offering Baby Jinchu Kai Ranchu for sale. The famous renowned line of fish which are normally sold as Top View Ranchu are equally as nice seen from the Side View. Very strong little fish which eventually when they change colour should either be Red, Red+White or plain White/Silver As many are now doing. An exciting proposition for those who may like to grow on fishes of potential high quality or for those who just like seeing baby fish grow in an Aquarium or controlled pond environment. An inexpensive way to acquire this very sort after bloodline.

If you are going to buy 10 plus fish please call us for a special discount


Star Fisheries are pleased to be able to offer for sale these really nice superior quality Orandas. For such young fish they are showing huge potential as you can clearly see, displaying great characteristics and colour already. Feeding well they are ready to be sold after going through our strict quarantine procedure, these fish have all the makings of really top class fish.

The fish will be sold on a first come first serve basis as there is only a limited amount available. We are unable to provide individual pictures of the fish but you can choose if you want a Panda or Tri colour.  Please put your preference on the order.  Available in two sizes..

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New Half Moon Peacock Tail Oranda

Please see the new Half Moon Peacock Tail Oranda from Thailand. At the moment these are still generally only available in larger sizes and also in limited amounts. The tail configuration is certainly different making them a very attractive Oranda indeed and they also have some splendid colours available. Please email or give us a call to see our stock position on these fish

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