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The king of the Fancy Goldfish, well at least this is what they say in Asia. Definitely one of the most popular Fancy Goldfish Varieties in the UK, and with the rest of World also. The dorsal less fish makes for a brilliant swimmer. The hood and cheek growth gives the fish some very nice features and characteristics. There are two main options on this variety now available. Fish that are viewed from the side and fish that are generally bred to be viewed from the top, although these Top View fish are equally attractive looking at them side on. The side view Ranchu aimed solely at people looking at these fish in Glass Aquariums which tends to be most countries around the world. There is also a much larger Colour choice available on the side view Ranchu.

The Top View fish are mostly associated with Ranchu that are bred in Japan where most breeders and hobbyists breed the fish to be seen from above although as mentioned many still view the Top View from the side, these people tend to do this in Europe. The main differences are that the side view Ranchu have more of an egg shape body, and the Top view are more square box shape in the body. The Hood Developments also look different, with the Side view a bit more all over the head and the Top View more of a manicured look!! Both great types of fish, it is really just down to personal choice.


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