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A very interesting variety of Fancy Goldfish, with the modern day Pearlscale offering some quite different variations. The lovely pearling on the outside of the fish is there for all to see on all the options on this variety. The standard Pearlscale, being the original fish attracts people looking for a very different Fancy Goldfish. Although quite rounded in body shape this variety moves well through the water and although looks very different, it can really set off an Aquarium visually as they do look so different to other Fancy Goldfish. Now also available in this Pearlscale Variety are the Bubblehead Pearlscale and Oranda Pearlscale . Literally one or two Bubbles can be achieved on the very top of the fish now and also a version with hood like Oranda wen growth can also be seen in this variety. Both give a totally different look to the original fish but all look so different.

The final version and probably the rarest of all is the Golf Ball Pearlscale, named because they tend to grow nearly as round as they are long. We have had some incredible ones of these in recent times and they are really something to look at. The tails tend to be shorter on this version, this combined with the super round body makes for a very different looking Fancy Goldfish.

Although they do not power through the water like a Short Tailed Ryukin, actually more of a waddle, their bulk means they always pushing to the front for food, real characters….

Pearlscale Bubble Head

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