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Not to be confused with the Ranchu a different fish all together especially when the Lionhead grows a little older and larger. The Main difference between The Lionhead and Ranchu is the Lionhead tends to have a much flatter shape back, that is to say the arch in the back is not as much as the Ranchu. The body shape on the Lionhead appears slightly longer to the side view Ranchu and also the Lionhead has more of a “Mane” type hood and cheek growth, this all round the head and face, looking a bit more Unkept so to speak. Again a dorsal less variety and moves very well through the water but although not a lot of difference at first glance to the Ranchu, the Lionhead tends to be overshadowed by the Ranchu despite on face value there appears not a great deal of difference. A Really nice variety of Fancy Goldfish as of course is the Ranchu.


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