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I hope that all our Customers and Friends are safe and well and hopefully there is now some light at the end of the tunnel to return to a reasonable amount of normality.

In the absence still of our Open Days and Viewings appointments please find attached our latest video of some of the fish we have for sale currently. You will see some incredibly high quality fish and in some cases very rare fish. We hope you enjoy them.

All the fish are offered for sale from 9.30am tomorrow, this Monday 8th March and are sold on a first come first serve basis. The prices are inclusive of vat but exclude delivery. You can of course arrange a mutually agreeable collection time if preferred. As these are the actual fish for sale if you are looking for a specific fish then please quote the Tank number when ordering. You can select the individual fish you want, either give us a call and we can sort it over the phone, whattsapp the fish you like on 07908 705702 or email us a picture of the fish you want on the email address below.Just for the video all the fish were presented in 18” wide Aquariums so you can gauge the size of the fish approximately from this, but if you want any further clarification please give us a call.

Please Contact Andy or Sue on 0208 915 0455 or email us on



I just thought I would like to share this picture and piece of information with you as it explains another aspect of our business. The picture shows a twenty Box Order of Mixed Coldwater fish we sent three days ago to one of the largest, if not the largest Aquatic Retail shop in Ireland, Clearly Aquatics in Bangor. The consignment had 4300 fish in total making up the order, including small, medium and large size Fancy Goldfish and some extremely nice London and Bristol Shubunkins so if you are in Ireland this shop is worth a visit !!.


All the fish within the Star Fisheries facility were inspected by two Fish Health Inspectors the day before sending the fish, these Inspectors were from the UK Government Fish Health Inspectorate, CEFAS. Following the inspection the necessary export paper work was then generated enabling us to send the fish, which since Brexit has become incredibly complicated and it is only with the support of CEFAS and DAERA( Irish Department Of Agriculture ) that we were able to make this shipment happen, I am truly grateful to both Government parties for their help and support.


All the fish were packed in twin wall cardboard boxes with double plastic bags inside the box, approx 75% pure oxygen and 25% water is applied to the bag. There was no polystyrene boxes or heat packs used or needed. Our fish are Coldwater Fish and as such are packed and sent in this manner, summer or winter. They do not require heat packs or polystyrene boxes, just care and consideration after their journey as if there is a temperature difference from where they may have come from to your environment, a good two hours floating on your Aquarium before releasing the fish is recommended.


If there is winter temperatures outside, the fish on their journey may arrive colder than your Aquarium and if a hot day possibly they could be warmer, both are dealt with the same way, a good acclimatisation floating period before releasing the fish into their new set up.


Our aim is to ensure the best possible journey for all our fish to arrive in tip top condition into their new homes, and this principle is applied the same whether it is one fish ordered from our website, or as in this case 4300 fish to the largest retail Aquatic Shop in Ireland.


Finally you will be pleased to know all the fishes made their Irish Journey safely across the water


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As a new calendar year is just about to start for the Goldfish Society Of Great Britain we would like to offer you the chance to join us and be part one of the oldest and largest Fancy Goldfish Clubs in the World, and although all our plans last year were put on hold we are just waiting to be able to action all the exciting events which we have lined up, and by sure these events will take place as soon as things return to some normality. In the meantime, joining gives you access to the members section on the GSGB Website and in turn further access to four very informative and interesting Newsletter’s per year. If you are a beginner or an experienced Fancy Goldfish keeper, we would like to hear from you, and in turn you can find a significant depth of experience running through the Society to assist anyone at any level.

The yearly subscription fee is £25.00 and if you are a member of the GSGB you are entitled to a 10% discount on any fish purchased from Star Fisheries all the time you remain a member.

Please call Sue on 0208 915 0455 or email If you would like to join.                                                                

Goldfish Society

   Great Britain




Unfortunately due to the current Covid problems we are not offering any viewing appointments at this time


We are able to offer a collection service, please contact us to agree a mutually beneficial collection time


For a limited period of time Star Fisheries will be offering a complete range of High Quality Pond Fish,  varieties to include: Red Goldfish, Sarasa Comet, Shubunkin, Yellow Comet, Mixed Colour Goldfish, Red+White Goldfish, Koi Carp, Ghost Carp, Butterfly Koi, Golden Orfe, Blue Orfe Plus native UK Species Green Tench, Gold Tench, Barbel, Chub, Mirror Carp, UK River Minnows, Crucian Carp, Sticklebacks, Gudgeon, Bream and many more.We also have Pond Snails and Swan Mussels. Anything not listed you may require just ask.

Please send you enquiries to 

and we will be happy to give you some great prices to make

your pond come alive!!


We are very fortunate because of our connections with the Fancy Goldfish Clubs in the UK and also the various UK Breeders associated with these clubs that we can offer you the customer some very exclusive UK Bred fish. If you check out our Website you will see some of the awesome fish that are on offer from our very supportive UK Breeders.


Goldfish Society
of Great Britain

One of the largest and oldest Fancy Goldfish Clubs in the World

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Goldfish Society

of Great Britain

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For customers wishing to find out more about these magnificent fish then please contact us by email or give us a call. By virtue of their size these fish are very much individual fish. We have over the years sold some incredible fish, sizes that up until that point have never been seen in the UK. Check out “Rocky” The Oranda on the internet to give you an idea, although this was an exceptionally super large fish!!!

On a few occasions every year we host our famous open days.  This is when we open our doors for a day and no appointment is required
On a few occasions every year we host our famous open days.  This is when we open our doors for a day and no appointment is required